Made in Milwaukee. Built on European Tradition.

It began nearly 60 years ago, when three brothers – John, George and Ron Klement – purchased a small sausage company in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But, in many ways, the roots of the Klement Sausage Company can be traced back several generations to central Europe. For it was here, in a part of the world where sausage-making is knitted tightly into the fabric of the community, that the techniques and recipes which would one day make Klement’s so special first started being handed down through the family. 


When the brothers first opened their doors, they found a natural market in the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of Milwaukee. These working-class men and women longed for the genuine, old country flavor that they left behind…and Klement’s had a taste and texture that transported them back home. Word spread quickly, and before long Klement’s was a favorite among people from all walks of life.


Over the years, Klement’s has grown from a humble 6-person storefront into Milwaukee’s largest producer of authentic, handcrafted European sausage. In spite of our growth, we’re proud to say that we’ve never lost sight of what made our family business a success: Hard work, a dedication to excellence, and the ability to look toward the future -- without forgetting our past.

Old World quality and robust flavor – a thing of pure beauty.

The humble European-style sausage may not make a lot of people’s list of Top Ten Lovely Things To Gaze Upon. But here at Klement’s, we can safely say that to us, there are a few things more appealing than a plump, perfectly-seasoned Bratwurst - or Italian, or Polish - Rolling off the line here in Milwaukee.

And little wonder. We pour our heart and soul into making the finest authentic hand-crafted sausages you’ve ever seen...or tasted. They’re leaner and more flavorful, and have a high protein/low carb nutritional balance that’s perfect for today’s active lifestyle.

Want proof thar inner beauty still counts for something in today’s world? Pick up your favorite style of Klement’s and cook some up tonight. And if you’re ever in Milwaukee, feel free to swing by our factory store. Granted, it doesn’t look all that fancy on the outside. But you’ll leave convinced that you just paid a visit to the Taj Mahal of sausage-making goodness.